Dorset Fire and Rescue Service

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Dorset Fire and Rescue Service
Operational area
Country  England
County  Dorset
Agency overview
Established 1941 (1941)
Employees 826
Chief Fire Officer Darran Gunter
Facilities and equipment
Stations 26
Official website
A Scania built fire engine of the Dorset service.

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory Fire and Rescue Service for the area of Dorset, South West England. The Service Headquarters were located in Colliton Park, Dorchester, but as of October 2008 moved to a new purpose built location in Poundbury.


Dorset Fire and Rescue Service was formed by mainly volunteer brigades after more services across the United Kingdom began to form. In its early days, the service was owned by local county councils. Between the years of 1948 and 1974, the FRS had eighteen part-time stations and three full-time stations, this however has changed in more recent years. The borough of Bournemouth and the borough of Christchurch became part of the county of Dorset, therefore merging into the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service.[1]

As part of the FiReControl project, Dorset Fire and Rescue's control room was planned switch over to the regional control centre in Taunton. Originally scheduled to take place in March 2010, the cutover date was revised to July 2011,[2] however the plan was scrapped in December 2010.[3]

Fire Stations[edit]

The service now has a total of 26 fire stations; this number has increased since its very early days. But the majority of the stations in use today are operated by retained fire fighters.

A full list of Dorset's fire stations and front-line and special appliances can be found here


  • All in Bournemouth. (22) Redhill (Water Ladder Rescue (x2 {one reserve}), Incident Support Unit), (23) Westbourne (Water Ladder Rescue (x2 {one reserve}), Aerial Ladder Platform, PCV), (24) Springbourne (Water Ladder Rescue (x2 {one reserve}), Support Vehicle, Station Utility Vehicle)

Wholetime / retained[edit]

  • (07) Weymouth (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), Aerial Ladder Platform, Specialist Rescue Tender, PCV), (18) Poole (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), Prime Mover, Specialist Foam Tender, Specialist Rescue Tender (x2), Support Vehicle, PCV, 4x4 Heavy off Road vehicle), (26) Christchurch (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), 4x4 Heavy Rescue Unit, Breathing Apparatus Tender, Prime Mover)

Day-crewed / retained[edit]

  • (21) Ferndown (Water Ladder Rescue (x2 {one reserve}), 4x4 Landrover)


  • (01) Lyme Regis (Water Ladder Rescue, Station Utility Vehicle), (02) Charmouth (Water Ladder Rescue, 4x4 Landrover), (03) Bridport (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), Prime Mover, Breathing Apparatus Unit, 4x4 Landrover (x2)), (04) Beaminster (Water Ladder Rescue, 4x4 Landrover), (05) Maiden Newton (Water Ladder Rescue, 4x4 Landrover), (06) Isle of Portland (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), Station Utility Vehicle), (08) Dorchester (Water Ladder Rescue, Heavy Rescue Unit, 4x4 Landrover), (09) Sherborne (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), Station Utility Vehicle), (10) Sturminster Newton (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), Station Utility Vehicle), (11) Gillingham (Water Ladder Rescue, Environmental Support Vehicle, Station Utility Vehicle), (12) Shaftesbury (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), 4x4 Landrover), (13) Blandford (Water Ladder Rescue, Heavy Rescue Unit, Incident Support Unit, Incident Response Unit), (14) Bere Regis (Water Ladder Rescue, 4x4 Landrover), (15) Wareham (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), 4X4 Unimog), (16) Swanage (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), 4x4 Landrover), (17) Hamworthy (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), Support Vehicle, Incident Command Vehicle, 4x4 Landrover), (19) Wimborne (Water Ladder Rescue (x2), 4x4 Landrover), (20) Cranborne (Water Ladder Rescue, 4x4 Landrover), (25) Verwood (Water Ladder Rescue, 4x4 Landrover)

Co-responder stations[edit]

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service works in partnership with South Western Ambulance Service to provide emergency medical cover to a small part of Dorset. The only 2 area that has been identified as having a greater need for ambulance cover is Lyme Regis and Beaminster. The aim of a co-responder team is to preserve life until the arrival of either a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) or an ambulance. Co-responder vehicles are equipped with oxygen and automated external defibrillator (AED) equipment.[4]

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