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Dos Reales is a Mexican restaurant chain found in the Midwest and Great Plains of the United States. Highly rated by most of the local reviews where the franchise is found, and often considered incorrectly by locals to be a home-town restaurant, Dos Reales is in actuality a small franchise which operates in the states of Kansas; Missouri and Illinois.

The first branch, located in Champaign, Illinois, was founded by Alvaro Quezada, his wife Leticia, and a select group of friends and family. Following several years of successful business, these same individuals began to expand operations elsewhere into Illinois and into Kansas. The staff and owners have long attributed the restaurants' ongoing popularity to regular visits to Mexico City.

Today there are locations in Champaign, Illinois; Charleston, Illinois; Rockford, Illinois; Loves Park, Illinois; Columbia, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; Overland Park, Kansas and Shawnee, Kansas. A location in Lenexa, Kansas closed in 2007 due to slow business and competition with the nearby Panzon's. Another location in Urbana, Illinois closed under similar circumstances.

The location in Kansas City, Kansas is named Sol Azteca, and the location in Charleston, Illinois is named Los Potrillos, but they are owned by the same group and feature the same menu.

Dos Reales is best known for their Burrito Bravos: a football-sized burrito only for those not faint of heart. Equally famous are their creamy horchata, a cold and savory cinnamon rice drink. A complimentary dessert is provided along with a festive song and dance for birthday guests.

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dos Reales is often shortened to "Dos".

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