Dosso Region

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Location within Niger
Location within Niger
Coordinates: 13°03′N 3°12′E / 13.050°N 3.200°E / 13.050; 3.200Coordinates: 13°03′N 3°12′E / 13.050°N 3.200°E / 13.050; 3.200
Country  Niger
Capital Dosso
 • Total 31,002 km2 (11,970 sq mi)
Population (2011[1])
 • Total 2,078,339
 • Density 67/km2 (170/sq mi)
Time zone West Africa Time (UTC+1)

Dosso is an administrative Region of the Republic of Niger; see its eponymous capital Dosso for history. The region has an area of 31,002 km² with a population of 2,016,690 in 2010 based projections by the National Institute of Statistics.[2] Its population was 693,207 in the census of 1977; by 1988 it had increased to 1,018,895, and by 2001 it had reached 1,479,095. Most people live in rural areas and only 10% of the population resides in urban cities. The region of Dosso has a rich history and is home to the Dosso Kingdom.

Divisions and borders[edit]

Departments of Dosso

Dosso is divided into 5 Departments (Boboye Department, Dogondoutchi Department, Dosso Department, Gaya Department and Loga Department), 5 urban administrative divisions (communes urbaines) and 38 rural administrative divisions (communes rurales), 1 province, 15 cantons and 3 nomadic grouping.[3]

Dosso has the following foreign borders:

Domestically, it borders the following departments:

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