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DotTrace screenshot.png
dotTrace v.5 main window
Developer(s) JetBrains
Stable release 5.3.2 Performance / May 14, 2013
Operating system Windows 2000 or later
Type Profiling tool
License Proprietary

JetBrains dotTrace is a proprietary profiler for hunting down performance and memory bottlenecks in .NET and Silverlight 4 applications.

Formerly a combined memory and profiling tool, it is currently split into two separate tools: one for performance profiling and another for memory profiling.

As of May 2013, the current versions are dotTrace 3.5 Memory for memory profiling and dotTrace 5.3.2 Performance for performance profiling.

Performance Profiling[edit]

dotTrace Performance provides the following capabilities in terms of .NET application performance profiling:[1]

  • A set of profiling modes ranging from sampling to line-by-line.
  • Profiling of local and remote .NET applications.
  • Saving program execution data collected during profiling in the form of a performance snapshot.
  • A set of views allowing for different ways of examining profiling data: Threads Tree, Call Tree, Plain List and Hotspots.
  • Expandable tree view to examine deep call stacks.
  • Folding and filtering to get irrelevant data off a snapshot.
  • Multi-tabbed user interface to analyze multiple parts of a call stack or gradually zoom into a certain problem area.
  • Comparing and viewing differences between call stacks before and after performance optimization.
  • Performance forecasting: The ability to recalculate times in an existing performance snapshot based on the assumption that the time taken by one or multiple calls of a certain function has been reduced to a certain percentage, or excluded.

Memory Profiling[edit]

dotTrace Memory profiler provides the following capabilities:[2]

  • Tabbed view for zooming into specific problems and/or examining several problems simultaneously;
  • Summary of total objects shown in a view and bytes held by these objects;
  • Find Function search feature that allows quick jump to a stats on a specific type encountered in a memory snapshot (the feature works much like it does in Visual Studio extension, ReSharper);
  • dotTrace Memory streamlines analyzing incoming and outgoing references on class or object level

Both dotTrace Memory and ANTS Memory Profiler support .NET Framework up to version 4 – however, dotTrace Memory doesn’t support Silverlight. Also, the Red Gate tool provides more filtering options and more hints in the UI.

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