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Dotsie Bregel is a writer, speaker, and expert on women members of the baby boomer generation. She is the founder and president of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.[1]

Boomer Women[edit]

In 2002, she founded the website, an online forum for female baby boomers to connect, encourage and support one another.[2] Both sites now share the number one spot on major search engines for "baby boomer women."


Bregel has been mentioned in Time magazine and AARP Bulletin among dozens of newspapers across the nation. She frequently does radio interviews and has been interviewed for many publications. Bregel was also invited to appear in the outside audience of The Early Show (CBS) with Dave Price. She's had appearances on the Retirement Living channel and ABC's show Top Priority sharing her perspective on many topics concerning her generation of women. She writes and blogs for several boomer related magazines and Web sites.[3]

She lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and is the happy mother of three young adult children.


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