Double Agent 73

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Double Agent 73
Double agent 73 poster 01.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Doris Wishman
Produced by Doris Wishman
Written by Judy J. Kushner (story)
Doris Wishman
Starring Chesty Morgan
Frank Silvano
Saul Meth
Jill Harris
Louis Burdi
Music by Cine Top
Cinematography Yuri Haviv
C. Davis Smith (uncredited)
Distributed by Something Weird Video
Release dates
  • 1974 (1974) (U.S.)
Running time
73 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Double Agent 73 is a 1974 movie melodrama directed by Doris Wishman, starring Chesty Morgan, although her voice was dubbed due to her thick Polish accent. It was written by Judy J. Kushner (Wishman's niece).

This is the second of the two films that Doris Wishman made with Chesty Morgan; the first one is Deadly Weapons.


Morgan, a woman whose bust is 73 inches in size, plays Jane Tennay, a secret agent. Her agency wants her to assassinate, one by one, an organized crew of low grade heroin pushers. In order for her to prove her killings, they plant a tiny camera in her big left breast. Each time she needs a photo taken, she takes off her shirt and clicks over her left breast.

Unlike the previous film, there's no smothering and only one death sequence involves her monstrous breasts. In it, she ambushes and ties up a guy's girlfriend in their bathroom. She then rubs poison over her own breasts and climbs into the guy's bed. Even though the light is on and disregarding the huge difference in breasts' size, the sleepy guy thinks it's his girlfriend. He starts kissing her large breasts and soon after dies from the poison.

It turns out the agency planted a time triggered bomb inside the camera, as an insurance policy in case she is captured. Just in the nick of time Jane has all the photos she needed and is rushed to the hospital. The camera is removed and the photos reveal Jane's love interest is the head criminal. When they meet up, he confesses and asks her to marry him. Jane responds by shooting him to death and proceeding to her next mission.


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