Double Barrel

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For the upcoming Malayalam film, see Double Barrel (film).
"Double Barrel"
Single by Dave and Ansell Collins
from the album Double Barrel
Released 1971 (1971)
Genre Reggae
Length 2:44
Label Techniques, Big Tree
Writer(s) Winston Riley[1]
Producer(s) Winston Riley[1]
Dave and Ansell Collins singles chronology
"Double Barrel"
"Monkey Spanner"

"Double Barrel" is a popular reggae single by Dave and Ansell Collins, peppered with the repeated declaration "I am the magnificent W-O-O-O !" or variants thereof.

Written and produced by Winston Riley,[1] former vocalist of The Techniques,[2] the single featured the vocals of Dave Barker, who had been recording in Jamaica for around five years, principally for Clement "Coxsone" Dodd and Lee Perry. Released in 1971, "Double Barrel" became one of the early breakthrough reggae hits internationally.

The record reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart[2] for the first two weeks in May 1971 (where it was credited to Dave and Ansil Collins) and reached the top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 22.

In a number of ways, "Double Barrel" was like revisiting Desmond Dekker's "Israelites" from two years earlier. Both are reggae hits from Jamaica. Both are in B-flat major. Both have cold intros. Both have lyrics difficult for English language listeners to comprehend. Both reached #1 on the UK singles chart in mid spring. Both reached #4 on WLS on the last chart in June, with their runs on that chart nearly identical to each other. The recording times of the two are very close to each other. Both Dekker and Barker had recorded for Dodd. Both acts are Hot 100 one-hit wonders.[3]

The song has been covered by later ska acts such as The Selecter and The Specials. The song was sampled by Biz Markie on his song "Biz Is Goin' Off" and Special Ed on his song "I'm The Magnificent".[citation needed]


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Preceded by
"Hot Love" by T.Rex
UK number one single
May 1, 1971 for two weeks
Succeeded by
"Knock Three Times" by Dawn