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A double flute is a wind instrument with two resonant pipes or tubes played simultaneously. Some forms of double flute include

The term "double flute" has been used to cover any woodwind instrument consisting of two simultaneously blown pipes, sounding together at the same time. Unfortunately, there has been little differentiation in specialist literature, both archaeological and ethnographic, between reed and flue instruments of the double kind. (Or single ones, for that matter.) The simple reason is that specialists in areas other than organology are seldom familiar with the actual nature of various instruments.

It is proposed here to separate the term into more specific areas:

"Double flute" covering instruments consisting of two simultaneously sounding flue pipes.

This category can be subdivided into two further categories. 
a. consisting of one pipe being a drone (or a variable drone), the other one a melody pipe
b. the two pipes played polyphonically or harmonically, both fingered.
Some examples of double flue pipes (both kinds):
 dvojnice (some of the ex-Yugoslavia)
 dvoyanka (Bulgaria, Macedonia) 
 dvodentsivka (Ukraine)
 flauto doppio (Southern Italy)
 algoza (India, Pakistan)
 dupla furulya (Hungary)

"Double oboe" covering instruments consisting of two simultaneously sounding double-reed pipes

Some examples:
 aulos (ancient Greece)
  (While it is still not clear what kind of reed have been used for the aulos, the current opinion tends towards double 
  reeds, at least in predominantly.)
 In Southern Italy there is a tradition playing two shawms together by one player. I just don't remember the name.
 mezued (North Africa. Played with or without a bag.)

"Double clarinet" covering instruments consisting of two simultaneously sounding single-reed pipes

Some examples:
 mizwiz (North Africa, Middle East)
 shuvir (Ural mountains area in Russia, local nationalities. (Played with or without a bag.))
 pungi (India)
 launeddas (Sardinia) This is strictly speaking a triple pipe, as it has a drone pipe as well.