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Doubleclick is a musician and producer based in the United Kingdom.

Joe Chapman released Once More with Feeling EP on Brighton-based label, Fly Casual, in 2000. He later collaborated with Amon Tobin on Verbal Remixes & Collaborations in 2003. In 2009, he and Amon Tobin, under the name Two Fingers, released a self-titled album and a corresponding album of instrumentals. His musical influences include Drum & Bass and Jungle music.


Albums and collaborations[edit]

  • Once More with Feeling EP (2000, Fly Casual)
    • Tracks: "Once More with Feeling", "All in One Light", "War Peace and Quiet"
  • Amon Tobin - Verbal Remixes & Collaborations (2003, Ninja Tune)
  • Two Fingers as Two Fingers (2009 Paper Bag Records)
  • Instrumentals as Two Fingers (2009 Paper Bag Records)


Once More with Feeling[edit]

"Have you ever wondered what a jump-up beat, a church organist with dextrous fingers but only three working keys and a synthetic horn might sound like when tossed together with instructions to keep it simple, OR ELSE? You haven't? Doubleclick have, and the sound is captured as All In One Light. On the other side, a heftier beast, War And Peace And Quiet, keeps the sense of fun but takes a much darker turn, until the xylophone coda. Appealingly odd." -Robots and Electronic Brains, Fanzine (December 2000)

Verbal Remixes & Collaborations[edit]

"Ownage courtesy Tobin and Doubleclick, is the type of track you'd play to permantly scar the neighbors." (2003)

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