Doubles (2000 film)

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Directed by Pandiarajan
Produced by Vatte Veerapathra Pathra Rao
Starring Prabhu Deva
Kovai Sarala
Music by Srikanth Deva
Release dates
11 August 2000
Language Tamil

Doubles (2000) is a Tamil drama film directed by Pandiarajan. The film stars him alongside Prabhu Deva, Meena and Sangeetha in the lead roles. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Srikanth Deva.[1]


The movie starts projecting Prabhu (Prabhu Deva) as a Shop Keeper who sells toys to kids. He will be wearing a Mask which is similar to his face and he will be wearing that mask on the backside of his head so that he looks like a "Kilpauk Korangu" and does all possible Crazy actions in the world which really irritates everyone. He has all bad habits like Drinking and smoking . He gets married to Meena (Meena) who wants her husband to be like Sree Ram. Prabhu Deva Acts as if he is a nice guy and also gets caught few times when he tries to overact.

Rasika (Sangeetha) Meena's close friend comes and stays with Meena as she is doing her Final year in Madras Medical college. Prabhu Deva had pinched Rasika's hip when she was travelling in a bus gets slapped by Rasika and was thrown from that bus before she meets Deva. Rasika takes the task of seducing Prabhu deva to prove that he is a Jollan to Meena and fails in many attempts. The movie ends as Meena dies of Jaundice and Rasika marries Pandiyarajan who comes for one scene in the last.