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Doug Batchelor
Born Douglas Batchelor
March 9, 1957
Spouse(s) Karen Batchelor
Children Cheri, Rachel, Micah, Daniel, Stephen, Nathan
Parents George Batchelor, Ruth Batchelor
Church Seventh-day Adventist
Congregations served
Sacramento Seventh-day Adventist Church
Offices held
President/Speaker Amazing Facts
Title Pastor, Evangelist

Doug Batchelor (born March 9, 1957) is an evangelist and the author of several books including The Richest Caveman, the story of his early life and conversion to Christianity. His primary ministry is Amazing Facts - a worldwide television, radio, and publishing ministry based in Roseville, California, United States. He also pastors the Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loomis, California. Batchelor is the son of the Florida aviation tycoon and philanthropist George Batchelor and the Hollywood film critic, actress and songwriter Ruth Batchelor.[1][2] He spent his youth searching for the purpose of life, including exploring various religions; while living in a cave in southern California, he found a Bible that ultimately changed his life.[3]

Media ministry[edit]

Doug Batchelor is the speaker of the weekly TV programs Amazing Facts Presents and Everlasting Gospel, and is the primary speaker for Central Study Hour. These programs can be seen weekly on national cable networks. He is also the speaker on Bible Answers Live, a one-hour paid radio program heard on Sirius/XM satellite radio nationally and over 300 radio stations around the world. Some of the stations include:

Radio stations

  • WMCA, NY
  • WMUZ, IL
  • KFIA, CA
  • WSFT, MI

Television stations

  • WORD

As a pastor, Batchelor can also be seen when speaking at the Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church, which is aired as Central Study Hour and Everlasting Gospel on TV locally and by satellite on 3ABN, Amazing Facts Television, and Hope Channel.

Batchelor has appearances on many documentaries including God on My Side, Secrets of Revelation on the National Geographic Channel, and other shows on the Discovery Channel.[4][5][6]


Batchelor is married to Karen Batchelor and has five children. His hobbies include guitar, scuba diving, quad riding, and racquetball. He has also inherited his father's love of aviation, and is a licensed pilot.


Doug Batchelor is the author of many books, including:

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Amazing Facts Speaker/President
Doug Batchelor

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