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A doughnut or donut is a deep-fried piece of dough or batter, usually with a toroidal shape.

Doughnut or donut may also refer to:

  • A geometric shape formally called a torus
  • A torus or toroidal cushion commonly used by hemorrhoid patients
  • Baseball doughnut, a baseball bat weight used for warming up

In science[edit]

  • DONUT, a Fermilab experiment regarding the tau neutrino

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In government[edit]

  • Donut hole (Medicare), an insurance gap where U.S. Medicare drug benefit coverage disappears between specific levels of expenditure on drugs
  • Donut Hole Agreement, a 1995 convention around the Bering Sea Donut Hole over a water dispute
  • "The Doughnut", the nickname for the headquarters of GCHQ, the British intelligence agency

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