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Douglas Benford
Also known as si-cut.db, Radial Blend, Tennis, Phoenix Jig, Pantunes Music & Media Form
Genres Electronica/drum n' bass/ambient, microsound, glitch and dub
Years active 1980s; present
Labels Independent, SPRAWL IMPRINT (London), Bip-Hop (France), Suburbs of Hell (London), Highpoint Lowlife (London) and others
Website Douglas Benford's homepage

Douglas Benford is an English musician, curator, producer and co-founder of SPRAWL. He lives and works in London.


Benford has had many recorded releases under many guises: mainly as Si-cut.db, but also Radial Blend, Phoenix Jig, Pantunes Music & Media Form (via Douglas's own imprint Suburbs Of Hell), covering electronica/drum n' bass/ambient, then microsound, glitch, dub and lately acoustic improvisation. As SI-CUT.DB Douglas also hosts, curates and plays at the SPRAWL club, based in London, and runs the off-shoot label SPRAWL IMPRINT. The first SI-CUT.DB release was in 1991, as SIDE>>CUT.DB (with later moniker LOVE>>CUT.DB). Under this moniker and his own name, Benford has performed at festivals internationally (including Mutek, Synch and Transmediale) and had compositions performed at venues such as Tate Modern, The Roundhouse, London's Science Museum, The Whitechapel Art Gallery and the ICA.


"Douglas Benford has had so many guises, side projects and collaborations, that you might well be more familiar with his label and music night Sprawl, which he co-runs with German-born musician and photographer Iris Garrelfs."[1]

Sprawl is an artist led, London-based 'underground playground and test tube for current sound'. It was set up by Iris Garrelfs and Douglas Benford in 1996.

Its regular events have become a benchmark of experimental, electronic music. Artists featured have included Kim Cascone, Scanner, Talvin Singh, Kaffe Matthews, Christian Fennesz, Hayley Newman and more. Other events include the Interplay Festivals, SonicRecycler, the Groundswell Festival at ICA, as well presenting Vladislav Delay and Rosy Parlane at a concert organised in conjunction with the Tate Modern’s educational department and the Finnish Institute.

Basic si-cut.db Discography[edit]


  • Nuisance | CD | 1995 | Suburbs of Hell, SOH 020
  • Behind You | CD | 1997 | Suburbs of Hell, Sprawl SOH 025, SP 025
  • Rate of Living | CD | 1999 | Sprawl Imprint, SP 030
  • Enthusiast | CD | 2001 | Bip-Hop, Bleep 07
  • Find Some Shade | CD | 2003 | Highpoint Lowlife, HPLL::006
  • Offices At Night [Volume 1 - Originals] | CD | 2004 | F?llt, F.0038.0001
  • From Tears: Beach Archive | CD | 2005 | Bip-Hop, Bleep 28
  • Live at Rhiz | CD | 2006 | RealJo[k]e, RJRCDLTD 04
  • In The Footsteps Of The Princess | CD | October 2008 | 12X50 Recordings, Carbon Series #6 (released under Douglas Benford)

Selected Singles / EPs[2]

  • The Obvious | (EP) 12" | 1991 | Suburbs of Hell, SOH 004
  • Vital Rise | (EP) 12" | 1990 | Suburbs of Hell, SOH 006
  • Hi Point | 12" | 1992 | Suburbs of Hell, SOH 010
  • Public EP | 12" | 2001 | A Touch of Class / Background, ATC 006


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