Douglas Campbell (Michigan politician)

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Douglas Campbell
Born (1959-03-31) March 31, 1959 (age 55)
Elmhurst, Illinois[1]
Residence Ferndale, Michigan
Ethnicity Scottish
Citizenship American
Education Bachelor's, engineering
Alma mater Ohio State University, 1994
Occupation Registered professional engineer
Known for Politician, author, Atheist
Home town Brookfield, Illinois
Political party
Religion None
Spouse(s) Engaged to Sharon Lynn Parr (no relation to Catherine Parr)
Children none
Parents Douglas Russell (senior) and Charlene Diane (nee Stromsky) Campbell
Call-sign WD9DLW (inactive)

Douglas Campbell is a two-time Green Party Candidate[2] (2002 and 2006) for Governor of Michigan[3] and a 2008 candidate for the United States House of Representatives. In 2002 Campbell received 25,236 votes.[4] During the 2002 campaign he claimed he was beaten, arrested and jailed (in Brighton, Michigan) for attempting to participate in a gubernatorial debate from which he was excluded, at the time being the only candidate who was not either a Republican or Democrat.[5] In 2006 Campbell received 20,009 votes.[6]

Campbell, a registered professional engineer and published Atheist from Ferndale, joined the Green party upon learning of its existence in 2000,[3] and was the Wayne-Oakland-Macomb county campaign coordinator for Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, 2000.[1] On May 19, 2007 at the Green Party of Michigan State Membership Meeting Campbell was elected to be a Delegate to Green Party National Committee.[7] On August 2, 2008 Campbell was nominated at the Oakland County Caucus to be the party's candidate for Michigan's 9th congressional district [1].


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