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Douglas Harper (born 1960), who graduated from Dickinson College with majors in history and English, is a historian, author, and journalist who lives in in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States. [1] Harper has been featured in a BBC production on Welsh settlements in North America and interviewed for historical articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Washington Post, and other publications. He is the author of historical books on Civil War-era Chester County, Pennsylvania. He is the founder and maintainer of the Online Etymology Dictionary.[1]


Harper has written the following books and articles:

  • If Thee Must Fight: A Civil War History of Chester County, Pa. (Chester County Historical Society, 1990)
  • An Index of Civil War Soldiers and Sailors from Chester County, Pa. (Chester County Historical Society, 1995)
  • The Whitman Incident: Revolutionary Revisions to an Ephrata Tale, Lancaster County Historical Society Journal, 1995
  • West Chester to 1865: That Elegant & Notorious Place (Chester County Historical Society, 1999)


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