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This article is about the CEO (born 1968) of For the CEO (1947-2011) of Storeboard Media, see Douglas B. Leeds.
Doug Leeds
Doug Leeds 2014-05-17 10-18.jpg
Born (1968-05-16) May 16, 1968 (age 46)
Los Angeles, CA
Residence Danville, CA
Occupation CEO
Spouse(s) Tracy Leeds
Children 3

Doug Leeds (born 16 May 1968), is the current Chief Executive Officer of, which operates the website as well as’s portfolio of content and social media properties, including,[1], Investopedia[2] and global Q&A social network[3] Under Leeds, spent more than $400 million acquiring trusted, high gloss content sites representing the 7th largest collection of informational and evergreen content properties in the US, reaching 280 million US users monthly.


Career at[edit]

Leeds was named CEO of in 2010 following his tenure as president of the company.[4] The previous CEO of was Jim Safka. Under Leeds's helm, returned to its roots as a Q&A service, redesigned its site and launched an online community to generate human-powered answers to supplement answers that are indexed from across the web.[5][6] Leeds also focused the company on reaching mobile users, launching mobile applications for web, iPhone [7] and Android[8] as well as several well-received stand-alone applications that spun out of the flagship experience. mobile apps have been downloaded over one million times.[8]

With the product re-focused on Q&A, Leeds returned the brand to the TV airways, inking partnerships with Live with Kelly and airing new TV commercials that highlighted the Q&A value proposition.[9] The result of this product and marketing coordination has been greater than 25% user growth in the past year[10] as well as a tripling of revenue and 700% increase in annual profits under Leeds's leadership. IAC (company) CEO Greg Blatt stated about Leeds's management that "for the first time, maybe since we bought it, I think Ask is really hitting a stride." [11]

Leeds has been a leading advocate of "Applied Improv" as a business tool to foster creativity and innovation. Under Leeds's direction, all employees have been trained in using improv techniques to enhance their communications, identify new opportunities and accept a more diverse set of business possibilities.[12][13]

Prior to assuming the top role at Ask, Leeds served as the company's chief operating officer,[14] chief strategy officer,[15] and SVP of Products[16] where the products he launched won multiple Webby Awards[17] and were heralded as the "Apple of search" by Chris Sherman of Search Engine Land[18][19]

In addition to running, Leeds now also oversees, following that company's acquisition from The New York Times by for $300 million in 2012,[20] as well as Urbanspoon, following its reorganization in the summer of 2013.[21]

Career at[edit]

Immediately prior to leading, Leeds was the President and chief executive officer of, a top 50 website in the US.[22] Leeds took over management of following IAC's acquisition of the company in 2008, which Leeds spearheaded.[15] Under Leeds's direction, entered the mobile market, launching the mobile app on all major mobile platforms, resulting in over 40 million app downloads and recognition by Apple, in March 2012, as one of the 25 most downloaded apps of all time.[23] Under Leeds, revenue at grew 75% and profit rose over 150%.

Leeds also oversaw the successful launch of several mobile games including Miss Spell's Class[24] and Agent X Word.[25]

Other Business Experience[edit]

Leeds has worked in various capacities at additional companies including Yahoo (VP, Product Justice),[26] Overture Services (Senior Director, Trust and Community),[27] OmniSky (Director of Wireless Advertising),[28] BootSpace (CEO),[29] Vodafone (Director, Public Policy), Thelen (Associate Attorney, Antitrust), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Fellow), and the Arms Control Association (Researcher). He has served on the board of directors of TRUSTe[30] and the Mobile Marketing Association.

Personal Biography[edit]

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Leeds is the grandson of Joseph Friedman, inventor of the flexible straw. He attended high school at Crossroads School before receiving his bachelor's degree cum laude from University of California, Berkeley in 1992. He graduated with high honors in Political Economy and served as the department's valedictorian. He earned his juris doctor cum laude in 1996 from the Georgetown University Law Center where he was an editor of the Georgetown Law Journal. In 1994, Leeds married Tracy Porter. They have three daughters. Leeds and his family live in Danville, California.


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