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Creed Black and Gerald Austen attending a board meeting of the Knight Foundation at the Douglass Theatre

The Douglass Theatre is a historic theatre used for live performances and motion pictures in downtown Macon, Georgia. It was designed by J. Reginald MacEachron (who was also a composer). It is now operated by the City of Macon and is available to be rented out for a variety of public and private events. The theatre underwent was renovated in 1997 to include an annex housing dressing rooms, a green room, a warming kitchen and a meeting space and art display area.

The theatre is named for its founder Charles Henry Douglass, an African American entrepreneur who was an established theatre developer well versed in the vaudeville and entertainment business. According to the Douglass Theatre website, the Douglass was a part of the Theater Owners Bookers Association - a chain of 40 theatres that served as an agency for many African American artists and performers.[1][2][3]

The theatre remained in operation until the 1970s. It was dormant for many years before being saved from demolition in the 1990s by a community group that became the non-profit "Friends of the Douglass Theatre".[citation needed] A major renovation added central heating and air throughout the complex. State of the art stage lighting, sound and cinema equipment (including 35mm and 70 mm film formats with digital surround sound) were also added. New seating was installed and a portion of the first level was converted to an entrance lobby and waiting area to the annex area.

An early artist's rendering of the annex shows a three story building, however the annex is a single story structure.

The theatre hosts many public and private events and parties, and serves as the viewing venue for the Macon Film Guild at the Douglass Theatre[1] which shows select foreign and independent films.


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