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DovBer Pinson is a modern Kabbalist, scholar, philosopher and spiritual teacher, living in Brooklyn, New York. He is a prolific author, lecturer, and scholar of Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah, and mysticism.

Born in Crown Heights, Pinson is greatly influenced by the traditions of Chassidus, Lurianic philosophy and mysticism, and the rational thinking of Maimonides. He is rosh yeshiva of The Iyyun Yeshiva, a Jewish religious school for adults which is part of the IYYUN Center, which he founded as a global center for the teachings and dissemination of Jewish wisdom and Kabbalah.

Pinson is an original thinker who displays "remarkable erudition" [1] with a gift for blending rational and critical thinking with deep mystical understanding. Brilliant, down to earth and charming, he has touched thousands with his deep insight and his remarkable ability to bring down ancient wisdom and make it relevant today. Because of his unique ability, he has been called a "Rashi" of contemporary culture.[2] At a young age he was already considered one of the world's leading scholars of Kabbalah and Jewish philosophy, featured on the cover of the book, 3-Minute Discourses on Kabbalah by Leading Jewish Scholars.[3]

Pinson is a "prolific author, spiritual mentor, and kabbalist",[4] and is one of the most sought after lecturers on Kabbalah and Jewish philosophy. He has lectured in both scholarly and lay settings throughout the world. He travels extensively, teaching and giving seminars, and his monthly internet essays on spirituality, Kabbalah, and philosophy reach tens of thousands worldwide.



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