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Dove Medical Press
Dove Medical Press.jpg
Status Active
Founded 2003
Distribution Worldwide
Key people Tim Hill, Publisher
Nonfiction topics Science and Medicine
Number of employees 50
Official website

Dove Medical Press is an academic publisher of open access peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, charging a publication fee to the authors or their institutions or funders. It is a member of the Open Archives Initiative.[1] It publishes 131 journals (as of April, 2013) [2] in related scientific, medical, and technical subjects. Dove Medical Press is a privately held company founded in 2003.[3]

As of 11 April 2013, 42 of the 131 journals were indexed in PubMed, while 30 of the 131 journals had fewer than 10 articles. The journals with the most articles were International Journal of Nanomedicine with 1320, Clinical Ophthalmology with 1,273, Vascular Health and Risk Management with 784 articles, and Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management with 649 [2] In 2012, the company was included on a list of predatory open access publishers,[4] but was later removed.[5]

In 2013, the Dove Medical Press journal Drug Design, Development and Therapy published a false and intentionally flawed paper created and submitted by an investigative journalist for Science as part of a "sting" to test the effectiveness of the peer-review processes of open access journals (Who's Afraid of Peer Review?). The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association terminated Dove's membership as a result of the incident.[6]

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