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Dow Lohnes
Dow lohnes logo.gif
Headquarters United States Washington, DC
No. of offices 3
No. of attorneys 140
Revenue $95,500,000
Date founded 1918
Company type PLLC
Dissolved 2014 — merged with Cooley LLP

Dow Lohnes PLLC was an AmLaw 200 American law firm headquartered in Washington, DC.[1] Founded as Dow, Lohnes & Albertson in 1918,[2] by 1990 the firm had 200 lawyers.[3]

Dow Lohnes Sports and Entertainment LLC is known for sports sponsorship work.[4]

In January 2014, the firm merged with Cooley LLP.[5]


Dow Lohnes's headquarters is located in Washington, DC's historic West End neighborhood.

Notable partners and employees[edit]

  • Fayette B. Dow – founding member, former general counsel of the National Petroleum Association, Western Petroleum Refiners Association and American Petroleum Institute.
  • Horace L. Lohnes - founding member.
  • Bernard Long - former member, former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington,DC and Principal Attorney in the Office of Chief Counsel of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (now Internal Revenue Service).


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