Down Gilead Lane

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Down Gilead Lane
Gileadlane logo.jpg
The Down Gilead Lane logo
Running time 24 to 49 Minutes
Country  United States
Language(s) English
Syndicates Children's Bible Hour
Announcer Jacob (Seasons 1-5)
Zack (Season 6-End)
Creator(s) Beth Klima
Writer(s) Beth Klima
Lori Twichell
John Fornof
Beth Culp
Leah Peter
Leah Gartner
W. Mark Winthrop
Director(s) Beth Klima
Simon Guivarra
Steve O'Dell
Exec. producer(s)
Randy Hekman
Terre Ritchie
Simon Guivarra
Air dates March 2001 to November 21, 2009
No. of episodes 164

Down Gilead Lane (DGL) is a Christian radio drama created by CBH Ministries.[1] The series is set in the town of Coleraine, and centers on the Morrison family.[2][broken citation] The 12th season marked the end of the show.

Down Gilead Lane is a family centered Christian radio drama produced by Children's Bible Hour Ministries, CBH for short. Upon looking into the history of CBH, I found that it didn’t start because an adult wanted it. But a nine year old girl who sat on her uncle’s knee and simply asked: “There are lots of programs on the radio for adults, but where are the ones for kids?” That was the spark that lit the fire, and from many adults who put their heart and soul into making such a wish come true. CBH has been around since the 40’s, and has only grown since.

Currently, CBH has five programs for kids and teens who have been following CBH and Down Gilead Lane still love it. Down Gilead Lane follows the Morrisons’ and several close friends through their lives, and lasts for twelve seasons. The Morrison family consists of John and Mary Morrison, who are the parents of the family. They have five children, plus one adopted child. From oldest to youngest, their children are Brooke, Justin, Michael, Haley, Tim and Hope.

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