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Down A Dark Hall (1974) is a novel for young adults by Lois Duncan. It is a supernatural/suspense novel and is the only gothic fiction she has written so far. It tells the story of a girl who was sent to a boarding school by her parents where only four students were admitted including herself.

Plot summary[edit]

After Kit's mother is re-married, Kit is forced to attend Madame Duret's Blackwood Boarding School. Kit originally planned to attend school with her best friend, Tracy, but Tracy was not accepted despite having better grades. The school is far in the country and when Kit first laid eyes on the deserted ancient building, Kit felt something dark emanating from the school. She is further disturbed to find that her room only locks from the outside. Kit has a very uneasy feeling about the school. The faculty consists of Madame Duret, Professor Farley, and Jules, Madame Duret's son who teaches piano.

After very mysterious signs of what has been going on in Blackwood,one night when the lights go out Kit sets out to find the office,and when she does her and jules find a horrific painting done by Lynda.After looking through files Jules finally agrees to help the girls escape.As soon as Jules told his mom about how he knew that the girls died or went to a mental institution,as sonar the other girls heard both Sandy and Ruth through what they have done into the fire.Ruth throwing the book caused the fire.Once they all get out they soon realize that they left Lynda inside.Kit goes back to save her while Ruth and Sandy throw rocks at her window.Kit could've died in their if it wasn't for her dad.In the end once Kit gets out of the school as her dad had told her, the Rosenblums were waiting outside for her.

Film Adaptation[edit]

On her Web site, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer posted this: "My production company, Fickle Fish, has acquired the option to Lois Duncan's novel Down a Dark Hall. Not too much information to share as yet, but even in this early stage, it is still very exciting. I grew up reading and loving Lois Duncan novels, and I can't believe my good luck that I get to be involved with this project. Down a Dark Hall was my favorite of her novels (though it's a very close race with Summer of Fear and Stranger with my Face), and it gave me some serious nightmares when I was younger."[citation needed] While Lois Duncan posted this on her blog: "It can take quite a while for a book to move from the "option" stage, (which is when a production company buys film rights), to actually being produced and shown in theaters. The wait is going to be hard -- (I always want everything done right now) -- but I feel certain it will be worth it."[citation needed]