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John Downer in 1898
Hon Sir Alexander Downer
Alexander Downer Jr in 2006

The Downer family has played a significant role in the South Australian and Australian political and social sphere since the early days of European settlement.

  • Henry Downer (1814-1874) arrived in Adelaide from England in 1838.
  • Alexander George Downer (28 January 1839 – 17 August 1916), generally known as George Downer, South Australian businessman and partner with his brother Sir John in the legal firm G & J Downer.
  • Alexander Downer, Sr., 7 April 1910 - 30 March 1981, generally known as Alec Downer, was Minister for Immigration from 1958 to 1963, and retired from Parliament on his appointment as Australian High Commissioner in London, a position he held until 1972.

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