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Downsiders is an award-winning 1999 novel by Neal Shusterman.

Plot summary[edit]

Downsiders Cover.jpeg
Book Cover
Author Neal Shusterman
Country USA
Language English
Genre Science Fiction/Adventure
Publisher Simon Pulse
Publication date
February 1, 2001
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 246
ISBN 0-689-83969-3
OCLC 45849669

In the midst of the events, the Topside's utilities are knocked out (which include electricity,gas,and water). However, rather than panicking, the New Yorkers decide to party instead, and the mayor passes an order that the utilities be shut down once per year in a celebration known as "The Festival of Outages". Meanwhile, Lindsay, who has gathered info about the Downside's origin, sneaks into the Downside and gives the information to Talon, hoping that it helps. At first, Talon is angry at this information; he soon, however, realizes what to do. He demands