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Dr. Najmul Hoda (Urdu: ڈاکٹر نجم الہدی‎) is an Indian Urdu writer and scholar. He was head of the department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu at the University of Madras from 1977 to 1988.[1][2] He has also taught at B. R. Ambedkar Bihar University.[3]

He has written following valuable books:[1]

  1. Fan-e-Tanqeed aur Tanqeedi Mazaameen
  2. Masnawi kaa Fan aur Urdu MasnawiyaaN
  3. Kirdaar aur Kirdaar Nigaari
  4. Tasawwuf aur Kalaam-e-Qurbi
  5. Masaa'il-o-Mabaahis
  6. Aasmaan-e-Fan kaa Safeer


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