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Dr. Death may refer to:



  • Wouter Basson (born 1950), South African cardiologist and former head of the country's secret chemical and biological warfare project known as Project Coast, during the Apartheid era
  • James Grigson (1932–2004), American psychiatrist who testified in more than 100 trials that resulted in death sentences
  • Aribert Heim (1914–1992), Austrian doctor and one of the world's most wanted Nazi war criminals
  • Jack Kevorkian (1928–2011), American physician who assisted terminally ill people to commit suicide during the 1990s
  • Josef Mengele (1911–1979), German doctor and also an infamous Nazi war criminal, also known as the "Angel of Death"
  • Philip Nitschke (born 1947), Australian physician who campaigned for legal assisted suicide and subsequently assisted four people in doing so
  • Maxim Petrov (born 1965), Russian doctor and serial killer
  • Pornthip Rojanasunand (born 1955), Thai forensic pathologist
  • Harold Shipman (1946–2004), British general practitioner and most prolific serial killer in British history

Other people[edit]

  • Gerard Steenson (1957–1987), North Irish leader of the IPLO organisation
  • "Dr. Death" Steve Williams (1960–2009), American wrestler
  • Dave Fennell (born 1952), Canadian football defensive lineman
  • Skip Thomas (1950–2011), Oakland Raiders Cornerback, member of the "Soul Patrol"
  • Eric Pianka (born 1939), professor of biology at University of Texas at Austin known for his misreported advocacy of the killing of 90% of the human population with microbes
  • Evan Harris (born 1965), British Liberal Democrat politician, referred to as Dr. Death for his views on abortion and euthanasia
  • Fred Leuchter, American holocaust revisionist, got the name as the country's only legal supplier of execution equipment and training.


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