Dr. Dolittle 3

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Dr. Dolittle 3
Dr Dolittle 3.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Rich Thorne
Produced by John Davis
Written by Hugh Lofting
Nina Colman
Starring Kyla Pratt
Kristen Wilson
Norm Macdonald
Walker Howard
John Amos
Chelan Simmons
James Kirk
Ecstasia Sanders
Davis Entertainment Company
Distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release dates April 25, 2006 (2006-04-25)
Running time 98 minutes
Country Canada
United States
Language English

Dr. Dolittle 3 is a 2006 American family comedy film. It is the third film in the series. This is the first film in the series not to feature Eddie Murphy as Doctor Dolittle or Raven-Symoné as Charrise Dolittle. It stars Kyla Pratt, the original daughter in the remake series, as Maya. Starring alongside her are Kristen Wilson as Lisa Dolittle and Norm Macdonald as the voice of Lucky the Dog.

Despite his absence, Eddie Murphy's character was mentioned several times throughout the film. It is implied that he is away on business. Raven-Symoné's character was not mentioned to despite her absence.


Maya has evolved considerably from the first film. Though she was then an antisocial individual more interested in her science projects, Maya has transformed into the typical teenager. Like her sister Charisse, she inherits their father John's capacity for communicating with fauna (she is a part-time veterinary assistant), her life is turned upside down on all fronts. She routinely lands in trouble with her parents, while her friends think she's gone crazy.

With John away on animal expeditions, Maya's mother Lisa sends her (with Lucky following along) to a ranch named "Durango", so she can find herself. The ranch is owned by Jud (John Amos), and his son Bo (Walker Howard). While there, Maya, who desperately tried to keep it under wraps so as not to arouse suspicion, uses her talent to "talk to the animals" in order to save Durango from being taken over by a neighboring ranch.

Maya is at first reluctant to reveal her ability, fearing rejection from her friends, but eventually does so. With her help, the Durango ranch enters a rodeo competition with a $50,000 award, and wins it. Also, she shares her first kiss with Bo and finally wins his heart.




This film was released direct-to-video in 2006; on April 25 for Region 1 and May 1 for Region 2.


Although a relative success in sales, the film was a not well received by critics.

Of the two reviews given at Rotten Tomatoes, both were very negative:[1] one critic, Scott Weinberg, said "Cheap-looking, atrociously written, and delivered with all the energy of a breach-birth bovine, Dr. Dolittle 3 is all kinds of terrible." David Cornelius of efilmcritic.com described the film as "not so much poorly made as it is lazy and cheap."


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