Dr. George Grierson Award

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Dr. George Grierson Award
डॉ जॉर्ज ग्रियर्सन पुरस्कार
Category Promotion of Hindi Language (1-2 Individuals)
Description Literary award
in India
Instituted 1989
First awarded 1994
Last awarded 2007
Total awarded 15
Awarded by Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Government of India
First awardee(s) Dr. Lothar Luts
Last awardee(s) Pro. Danuta Stashik

The Dr. George Grierson Award (Devnagari: डॉ जॉर्ज ग्रियर्सन पुरस्कार) is a literary honor in India. It is conferred annually by Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, (Central Hindi Organization), Ministry of Human Resource Development on writers of outstanding works in Hindi Literature. It is also a Hindi Sevi Samman and is given to number of Hindi experts for playing their important role in promoting the Hindi language in abroad.


The award was established by Kendriya Hindi Sansthan in 1989 on the name of the linguist Dr. George Abraham Grierson. It was first awarded in the year 1994 to Dr. Lothar Luts.


Dr. George Grierson Award is awarded for the promotion the Hindi language in abroad and analytical works in Hindi every year by the President Of India.

Award recipients[edit]

Year Name Presenter Country
1994 Dr. Lothar Luts
1995 Dr. Maria Ksistof Briski Poland
1996 Dr. Odolen Smékal Czechoslovakia
1997 Dr. Rupart Snail United Kingdom
1998 Shri. Abhimanyu Anat Mauritius
1999 Pro. P.A Bashannikov Russia
2000 Pro. Jin Ding Han China
2001 Shri Naresh Bhartiya
Dr. Tomiyo Mijokami
2002 Dr. Maria Nejyeshi Hungary
2003 Shri. Toshio Tanaka Japan
2004 Dr. Ronald Stuart Maikgregar
2005 Dr. Indra Dasnayak
2006 Pro. Mariola Ofredi Italy
2007 Pro. Danuta Stashik Poland
2012 Pro. Jeong Ho Lee South Korea

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