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Dr. Hauschka counter at department store Farmers at Centre Place in Hamilton, New Zealand

Dr. Hauschka is the brand name given to the range of skin care and cosmetics made by the German company WALA Heilmittel GmbH. The UK distributor of Dr. Hauschka is Elysia.

The brand name originates from WALA's founder Dr. Rudolf Hauschka.

The WALA laboratories were established in 1935 making medicines from water-based plant extracts using the rhythmic manufacturing process. In 1967 WALA launched the current Dr.Hauschka Skin Care brand to the market.

Dr.Hauschka was a joint winner in the 2006 Brands with a Conscience Award from the Medinge Group. The company's approach is based on the 20th century theory of anthroposophical medicine.

The founder, Dr. Hauschka, personally links himself to major Nazi figure, Otto Ohlendorf, in his own book.[1][2]

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