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Professor Genius is a character in Little Nemo, in the original weekly comic strips by Winsor McCay and other subsequent media. He is the right hand man to King Morpheus, the ruler of Slumberland. His main jobs are to look after the Princess, Little Nemo, and of course make sure the King's things are in order.

Little Nemo comics[edit]

He appeared with a far different personality and appearance as "Dr. Pill."

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland[edit]

Professor Genius is given the task of bringing Little Nemo to Slumberland by dirigible and is successful. Along the way he looks after Little Nemo and introduces him to King Morpheus and Princess Camille. He also brings Nemo to his prince lessons, which Nemo detests. After the Nightmare King is released, Professor Genius is one of the few that join Nemo's group, to make a rescue attempt to save the King.

He is voiced in the movie by Rene Auberjonois.

Absence in an NES game, but not in the arcade[edit]

While most of the major characters in the film appeared in the video game spinoff for Nintendo created by Capcom Little Nemo: The Dream Master the Professor was absent. However in the "Nemo" Arcade game, he was seen in the opening scene and the ending scene