Rafiq Husain

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Syed Rafiq Husain

سید رفیق حسین
Born 14 May 1913
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Died 31 December 1990
Allahabad, India
Occupation Writer, poet, critic
Nationality India
Genre Fiction
Subject Literature, Urdu, Psychology
Literary movement Urdu literature
Spouse Husnara Begum

Rafiq Husain (Urdu: رفیق حسین‎) born Syed Rafiq Husain (14 May 1913 – 31 December 1990) was an Urdu writer, poet and critic from India.

Early life[edit]

Husain was born to Syed Mohammed Taqi an aristocratic family in Baragaon, Jalalpur, Ambedkar Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh. He was the first Indian PhD holder on the Urdu poetry of Allama Iqbal. He received a master degree in Urdu Literature from Allahabad University.[citation needed] He was awarded the gold medal in English literature during his graduation from Allahabad University.[citation needed] Husain married Husnara Begum in January 1948, and the couple had four sons and two daughters[citation needed]


He was selected in PCS[clarification needed] and served as Registrar of Co-Operative Society. On completion of his postgraduate studies, he joined Allahabad University as Lecturer on the persecution of the Vice Chancellor Amarnath Jha of Allahabad University. Later he became Chairman of Allahabad University Delegacy[1] and Head of the Urdu Department. A competition occurred between Rafique Hussain and Firdaus Fatima Naseer for the Professorship in Urdu.[2]


  • Urdu Ghazal aur unski Nash-vo-Numa, 1942[3]
  • Mir Hasan ki ḥayat aur Siḥrulbayān ka tanqidi jaizah, 1960[4]
  • Dabistan, 1964,[5]
  • Guizār-E-aqīdat, 1966[6]
  • Afsanvi uṣul aur fasanah-yi ajaib, 1975[7]
  • Mas navi Siḥr al-bayan: yaʻnī, Qiṣṣah-yi Be Naẓīr va Badr-i Munīr, 1978[8]
  • Azmat-e-Marasi
  • Pahli Tankid Pahla Naqad
  • Mawazna Anis wa Dabir
  • Masnawi Gulzar Naseem by Pt Daya Shankar "Naseem" with an introduction and notes by Rafiq Husain

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