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William K. Thierfelder is the 20th (and current) president of Belmont Abbey College, in Belmont, North Carolina. He is a licensed psychologist, a two-time NCAA Division I All-American, a former NCAA Division I coach, and a member of the United States Olympic Committee's Sports Psychology Registry (2000–2004). He was an Olympian, but did not compete due to an injury. He was inducted into the Sports Faith International Hall of Fame, was Boston University School of Education's Alumnus of the Year, and is a Knight of Malta. He is author of Less Than A Minute To Go: The Secret To World-Class Performance in Sport, Business and Everyday Life (see www.LessThanAMinuteToGo.com). The foreword is by Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke University. Thierfelder was born in Manhattan and he was raised in the Bronx where his father, William P. Thierfelder, was Vice President of the New York Yankees. He and his wife Mary and their ten children live outside Charlotte, NC.


Thierfelder has served as:

  • President of Belmont Abbey College
  • President of York Barbell Company
  • Executive Director the Player Management Group, LLC.
  • National Director of Sport Science - NovaCare, Inc.
  • Co-Founder of Joyner Sportsmedicine Institute, Inc.
  • Founder and President of ProSportDoc, Inc.
  • Diplomat of American Board of Psychological Specialties
  • Certified Member - National Strength & Conditioning Assoc.
  • Certified Member - American College of Sports Medicine
  • Member - American Psychological Association & Division 47
  • Member of Sport Psychology Registry - United States Olympic Committee
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Surgery for Milton S. Hershey College of Medicine at Penn State University

Religious Views[edit]

Thierfelder is a self-proclaimed orthodox Catholic.[citation needed] He further proclaims himself as one with complete allegiance to the Magisterium. His presidency of Belmont Abbey College is the source of much controversy because he chose to remove contraceptives from the medical policy of the college, in accordance with Catholic moral law. He is highly favored among orthodox Catholics for his transformation of Belmont Abbey College.


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