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For other people named David Hunter, see David Hunter (disambiguation).

Dr David Hunter is a popular fiction character created by novelist Simon Beckett, as the protagonist of his bestselling crime novels. Hunter debuted in 2006 in the novel The Chemistry of Death, followed in 2007 by Written in Bone. A third novel, Whispers of the Dead appeared in 2009. A fourth novel, The Calling of the Grave appeared in 2010.

Dr Hunter is a widower having lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. He is by training a forensic anthropologist. He left his old life behind however, after the tragedy involving his wife and daughter, in order to work as a General practitioner in the Norfolk village of Manham. Events in Manham lead to Dr Hunter calling upon his forensic skills again. He met his girlfriend, a teacher named Jenny Hammond, in Manham during the events in The Chemistry of Death, but she left him shortly after the happenings in Written in Bone, much due to dissatisfaction with him having taken up his occupation as a forensic anthropologist again and the consequences that decision had.[1]

All three novels share the theme of murder in isolated communities or settings and involve a retired/semi-retired character with a tragic past.


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