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Camp Napowan
Camp Napowan entrance sign
Location Wild Rose, Wisconsin
Coordinates 44°09′04″N 89°08′58″W / 44.1511999°N 89.1494913°W / 44.1511999; -89.1494913
Founded 1946

Camp Napowan, located in Wild Rose, Wisconsin, is a 400 acre Boy Scout camp owned by Northwest Suburban Council and founded in 1946. This camp is located between Hills Lake and Lake Napowan with the pine forests surrounding the rest of the camp. During the summer months, this camp operates an eight week camping experience for scouts that stay for one or two week sessions. This camp typically draws around 4,000 campers each summer.[1]

Program areas[edit]

Camp Napowan program areas include: Aquatics (swimming and boating), C.O.P.E. (Climbing tower and High Adventure Course)[2], Nature, Skynet S.T.E.M. Lab (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)[3], Shooting Sports[4], Sherwood (scoutcraft), and Verona (performance and design).[5] Horsemanship is also taught off the camp.[6]

Flintlock (a mock 1870s frontier village)[7] includes a blacksmith shop, old time printing press, and a Native America village. This area has special activities/structures including candle making, tomahawk throwing, and a open merchant shop.[8]


Rousing Song[9]

Sung at the start of each flag ceremony and at the end of the closing of the camp wide campfire.

Cheers, Cheers for old Napowan
We are the best Scouts from all around
Some are big and some are small
Here’s where we hear the wild goose call
Here’s where we work and here’s where we play
We’re having fun while Scouting away
We will raise your name on high
So, Hurrah for Napowan.

Napowan Hymm

Sung at the end of the closing camp fire by the entire staff - a send-off to the campers. [9]

Here beside Lake Napowan
By its wooded hills
Live the thrills and joys of Scouting
Scouts with all their skills
Ever let our hearts and memories
Turn again to thee
In the Spirit of Good Scouting
Napowan Hail thee.


Swimming at Napowan

Harrison Ford worked in the Nature program area in 1957.[1] [10]

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