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Motto "Drogheda, City on the Boyne"
Formation 2010
Type Non-governmental organization
Chairperson of the Board Vincent Hoey
Website [1]

The Drogheda City Status Group was established in 2010 with an aim of procuring City Status for Drogheda to enable it's unique history, location and potential to be appreciated and promoted in industry, business, tourism, education, health and quality of life to the benefit and advantage of it's citizens and those of the South Louth and East Meath region.[1]

The possibility of Drogheda gaining city status was raised in Dáil questions by Gay Mitchell in 2005,[2] Michael Noonan in 2007[3] and by Fergus O'Dowd in 2007[4] and 2010.[5] The Drogheda City Status Group was established in response to these questions being raised.


A 1331 writ of Edward III is addressed, among others, to "Civibus civitatis de Droghda", which means "To the people of the city of Droghda," implying city status for Drogheda.