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Frank Fukhera Khalid[1]is a British based Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Frank Khalid is the owner and managing director of Chaq 89 and Elbrook C&C. Known as the King of Curries by British Indians, Mr. Khalid renowned within Bollywood culinary circles.

Early life[edit]

Born on 22nd November 1986 in Redhill, Surrey. Frank Khalid displayed a keen interest in entrepreneurship during his childhood. He gained his first experience by working for his dad Frank Khalid started off at the early age of 16. He first became a wholesaler in Stratford, East Britain. He later moved into a bigger place which measured at 25,000sq.ft.


Frank Khalid had decided to drop out of college and try his luck at business, failing which he would come back and take the academic route. Working at his father’s retail supermarket, Fukhera realised his love for cash and carry outlets. He then borrowed funds from his uncle to buy a cash and carry outlet and named it Elbrook Cash and Carry. Due to his passion for food and drink, Fukhera started Chak 89 restaurant. The restaurant has Shahrukh Khan as its brand ambassador. He then bought a property and due the demand for a film studio space, he started off the West London Film Studio, which he says was the best decision of his life.

Elbrook Cash and Carry, Chak 89 restaurant and West London Film Studio, all owned by him, have a combined turnover of £145 million.

Due to the fact that his son was diagnosed with autism, Mr. Frank Khalid decided to focus his energies towards his family and subsequently stopped expanding his business.


Frank Khalid and his wife have been involved in various charities to support autistic children and their treatments.

However in late 2009, Fukhera was persuaded to “come-out” about his Charity involvement as 2010 was the 25th Anniversary of him going into business as a very young man. The family chose Autism Anglia (which Essex Autism Society evolved into) and raised £25,000 for the Charity in 2010.

Personal life[edit]

Frank Khalid married Saijda Khalid in the yea r 1990. They have four children together, two daughters and two sons. His younger son suffers from acute autism and hence being the primary reason for his philanthropy.

Awards and achievements[edit]

Over the years, Frank has achieved a lot in his career of being an entrepreneur out of which, a few are:

  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2013[2], at the Pakistani Achievements Awards
  • Curry King of the Year 2013[3], at the English Curry Awards
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Community 2013[4], at the British Community Honours Awards
  • Business Man of the Year Asian Voice 2011[5]
  • Entrepreneur of the Year World Food Awards 2012