Joe Gulla

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Joe Gulla
Joe Gulla "The Bronx Queen" Ad
Born Joseph Santo Gulla
July 23, 1964
Bronx, New York
Notable work(s)

The Bronx Queen, Garbo,

Faggy at 50

Joe Gulla (born July 23, 1964) is an American playwright, actor and reality television participant. He is best known for the autobiographical monologues that he writes and performs for the theater. HIs best known work, "The Bronx Queen" is based on his experience growing up as a gay boy in the Bronx. It was awarded Best Comedic Script and Most Popular Show at NYC Theater Row's 2012 and 2013 United Solo Theatre Festival, respectively.[1][2]

Joe Gulla was a contestant on the NBC Adventure Reality Series, "Lost" in 2001. The show followed three teams of two as they made there way from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia back to the United States.[3]

His play, "Garbo" was based on an unrequited love affair experienced while living in Rome, Italy. "Garbo" was selected to be part of the New York City's Times Square International Theater Festival in 2012.[4] He played the role of "Frankie" in Off-Broadway's long-running hit, "My Big Gay Italian Wedding."[5]

His new one-man show, "Faggy at 50" was selected to be performed as part of the 2014 United Solo Theatre Festival on Theatre Row.[6]

The Advocate Magazine named Joe Gulla its "Anti-Bullying Hero." in 2012.[7]