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Lala Corriere is an American best-selling author known for her suspense and thriller novels, although her works often incorporate elements of romance, socially redeeming messages, and wit.

The late Master of Suspense, Sidney Sheldon (February 11, 1917-January 30,2007), read her first completed manuscript, endorsed her writing, and continued to mentor Corriere until his passing. Sheldon wrote, “(Her writing is) provocative and fast-paced, with vivid descriptions and skillfully crafted dialogue. Real page-turners.” Corriere’s writing and works have been applauded in USA Today and The Arizona Daily Star. She has also received writing blurbs from authors Andrew Neiderman, J. Carson Black, K.T. Bryan, and C.J. West. Her characters have been likened to those of Carl Hiaasen.

Corriere, born Paula Renee Ham in Salida, Colorado, is the daughter of Oscar Alonzo ‘Bud’ Ham and Shirley Jean Hovaten. Her mother encouraged her love of reading, subscribing her to the Dr. Seuss monthly reading club. Corriere learned by example as her mother spent time daily, reading the works of Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clark, and Sidney Sheldon.

With the conviction that prejudice is born out of ignorance, and with knowledge we may learn to accept, and even embrace that which we once considered depravity, Corriere includes controversial issues in her writing. In her best-selling Widow’s Row, the world of transgenders is explored from the viewpoint of an outsider. CoverBoys & Curses exposes the immoral practices of plastic surgeons, Catholic priests, and human traffickers in our own backyard. The author gains a wealth of information and facts from active and retired policemen, detectives, the FBI, Coast Guard, and lawyers. As an active member in several writing organizations, Corriere gleans current data from morticians, crime scene investigators, ghost hunters, and several other field experts. She is a graduate of the Citizen’s Police Academy.