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Drag or The Drag may refer to:


In science and technology[edit]

  • a deep inhalation of a cigarette
  • Drag (physics), the force which resists motion of an object through a fluid
  • Drag equation, a mathematical equation used in analyzing the magnitude of drag caused by fluid flow
  • Drag coefficient, a non-dimensional coefficient that is one of the terms in the drag equation
  • Aerodynamic drag, the aerodynamic force which resists motion of an aircraft or other object through the air
  • Drag crisis, a rapid change in drag coefficient over a small range of Reynolds number
  • Park drag, a type of carriage
  • Police drag, a small dredge used to recover objects or bodies lost in shallow water
  • Drag harrow, in agriculture, a heavy type of harrow used to break up soil
  • Drag system, a mechanical means of applying variable pressure to a fishing rod reel in order to act as a friction brake
  • In computing, to hold down a mouse button while moving the mouse, as in drag and drop

In theatre and entertainment[edit]

  • Drag (clothing), the clothing associated with one gender role when worn by a person of another gender
    • Drag king, mostly female identified people who dress and perform as males
    • Drag queen, mostly male identified people who dress and perform as females
  • Drag show, entertainment, cross-dressing ensemble
  • The Drag (play), a Mae West play
  • Drag (film), a 1929 drama film directed by Frank Lloyd
  • Drag racing, a form of automobile racing




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