Dragana Kršenković Brković

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Dragana Kršenković Brković

Dragana Kršenković Brković (Драгана Кршенковић Брковић) is a Montenegrin writer.

Kršenkovic Brković graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in 1980 and from the Faculty of Drama Arts in 1984. TV Belgrade screened her play - Vrele kapi[1] in 1981. She wrote it for an entrance examination.

As the Wars in the Balkans erupted, she moved from Belgrade, Serbia, to Podgorica, Montenegro. There, Kršenković Brković established a puppet theater called the Blue Lagoon, with her husband, Tomislav Brković.

Dragana Kršenković Brković was a Hubert Humphrey fellow 2005-06, which is part of the Fulbright Exchange Program.[2] She spent a year in Washington DC, US. She also received an Austrian Government grant in order to carry out research at the University of Graz in Austria in 2008.

Her plays are performed in many Balkan countries. Four of her plays are set texts for elementary schools in Montenegro and Macedonia. Her book The Genie of Manito Lake was selected for the 2011 White Ravens Awards.[3] by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek in Munich, Germany.

Her stories have been published in many renowned international magazines: Buchkultur, Blesok, Sarajevo Notebook, ARS, etc.


  • Atelanska igra / The Atellan Farce
  • Izgubljeni pečat / The Lost Seal
  • Vatra u Aleksandriji / The Fire in Alexandria
  • Iza nevidljivog zida / Behind the Invisible Wall
  • Gospodarska palata / The Master's Palace
Children's books
  • Muzičar s cilindrom i cvetom na reveru / Musician with a Cylinder and Flower on His Lapel
  • Tajna jedne Tajne / Secret's Secret
  • Duh Manitog jezera / The Genie of Manito Lake
  • Tajna plavog kristala /The Secret of a Blue Crystal
  • Feministička revizija mitologije: Razbijanje patrijarhalnih obrazaca identifikacije žene u klasičnim bajkama / Feminist Revision of Mythology: Breaking the Patriarchal Patterns of the Women Identification in Classic Fairy Tales
  • Zaboravljeno putovanje - tragovi utisnuti u bajkama / Forgotten Journey - Traces Imprinted in Fairy Tales


Website: www.draganakb.me