DragonBlade: The Legend of Lang

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DragonBlade: The Legend of Lang
Directed by Antony Szeto
Produced by Stanley Tong, Wendy Choi
Written by Trevor Morris
Starring Karen Mok, Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung, Sandra Ng
Distributed by ERA company, Kantana Animation
Release dates
  • 6 January 2005 (2005-01-06)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese, English, Mandarin

DragonBlade: The Legend of Lang (Chinese: 龍刀奇緣) is the first 3D-CGI Chinese animated feature film from Hong Kong and directed by Antony szeto. It was produced by "DCDC" and "China Film" company, and is also considered the first 3D rendered martial arts film.


The reigning all-China wushu champions gathered together in Shandong where the director and animators flew to learn more about the diversity of martial arts for the film. Although DragonBlade was completely made in Hong Kong the film was originally animated and lip-synced to English first. This is because it is technically easier to dub from English to Cantonese than the other way around.[1] The MTR transportation service promoted the movie with a Dragonblade octopus card. Since this movie is the first 3D-CG film fully rendered in Hong Kong, the card is now a rare collectible item.


A town is attacked by a deadly creature, it can only be stopped with the Dragon Blade. The one person who knows where the blade is won't tell Lang, and even if he did, untold peril will fall on anyone who dares to find this legendary weapon.


Name Voiced by
Ying Ying Karen Mok
Hung Lang Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung
Bali-Ba Sandra Ng(Cantonese) / Ruby Lin (Mandarin version)
Master Wu Jim Chim
Lord Ko Doug Baker
Short Youngster Sam Bobertz
Mr. Hung and Guardian Spirit Stephen Bolton
Sifu Simon Broad


  • Won the 2nd annual Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Excellence Award
  • Won 2006 Special Achievement in a First Feature Film Award from ASDA (now the Australian Directors Guild)
  • Nominated for Golden Horse Awards

Production notes[edit]

  • Scriptwriter Trevor Morris is the brother of actress Karen Mok.
  • The idea of using "outtakes" (better known as "NG"s in Hong Kong) during the end credits was used by the director as a homage to Jackie Chan films.

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