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The Dragon Society or Society of Dragons is a secret society of senior men at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States. The group's membership and organizational structure are unknown. Dragon has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1898.


Dragon is generally considered the most secret of Dartmouth's secret societies as members do not carry identifying canes at commencement, nor do they identify themselves in Dartmouth's yearbook, The Aegis. Members of Dartmouth's other secret societies identify themselves in either or both ways.

Rumors surrounding the Dragon Society include the claims that the society owns an estate somewhere in Quebec, and that annual initiation rites involve a wilderness vision quest and mock sacrifice based on a supposed ancient tradition of Welsh Druids.


Membership consists of a small number of senior men who are selected during their junior year in a school-wide selection process known as "tapping." Every winter and spring, juniors are tapped for the senior societies through a process semi-coordinated through the College.

Members are thought to be leaders of Dartmouth's athletic teams and fraternities. Taps are voted on by the membership. Dartmouth legend has it that the ghost of a man named "Q" still haunts Dragon.

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