Dragon Soul

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"Dragon Soul"
Single by Takayoshi Tanimoto (Dragon Soul)
A-side "Dragon Soul"
B-side "Muteki Aura no Energy"
Released May 20, 2009 (2009-05-20)
Format CD Single
Genre Pop/Anison
Label Columbia
Writer(s) Yumi Yoshimoto
Takayoshi Tanimoto (Dragon Soul) singles chronology
Dragon Soul (2009) Yeah! Break! Care! Break! (2009)

"Dragon Soul" is the seventh single by Japanese pop/anison artist Takayoshi Tanimoto. He performed the song with guitarist and composer Takafumi Iwasaki as part of a special unit also called "Dragon Soul". It was released on CD on May 20, 2009, as both a regular and limited edition; the limited edition included a Dragon Ball Kai Dragon Battlers trading card game card.[1][2] The single was used as the opening theme for Dragon Ball Z Kai.

The single remained on the Oricon Weekly Charts for 18 weeks and during that time it peaked at #23.[3][4]

When Dragon Ball Kai was licensed North America in 2010 as Dragon Ball Z Kai, Funimation recorded "Dragon Soul" in English, with lyrics written by Brina Palencia. The uncut DVD/Blu-ray Disc volumes will feature a different singer for each release. Part 1 is sung by Sean Schemmel, who also does the voice of Goku. Part 2 is sung by Justin Cook, who also does the voice of Raditz. Part 3 is sung by Vic Mignogna, who also does the voices of Broly and Burter, his version was also used for the Nicktoons and The CW airings of the show. Part 4 is sung by Greg Ayres, who also did the voice of Guldo in Dragon Ball Z Kai. Part 5 is sung by Sonny Strait, who is also the voice of Krillin. Part 6 is sung by Brina Palencia herself, who also does the voice of Chiaotzu. Part 7 is sung in a trio by Sean Schemmel, Justin Cook, and Greg Ayres. Part 8 is also sung in a trio by Vic Mignogna, Sonny Strait, and Brina Palencia.

Track list[edit]

  1. "Dragon Soul"
    • Artist: Takayoshi Tanimoto (Dragon Soul)
  2. "Muteki Aura no Energy" (無敵AURAのエナジー Muteki Ōra no Enajī?, "The Invincible Aura's Energy")
    • Artist: Dragon Soul (Takayoshi Tanimoto & Takafumi Iwasaki)
  3. "Dragon Soul (Original Karaoke)"
  4. "Muteki Aura no Energy (Original Karaoke)"