Dragons II: The Metal Ages

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Dragons II: The Metal Ages
Directed by Keith Ingham
Produced by Jonathan Goodwill
Written by Ian Weir
Starring Michael Adamthwaite
Michael Dobson
Mark Hildreth
Chiara Zanni
Music by Ari Wise
Bardel Entertainment
Release dates 1 October 2005 (Canada)
Running time 72 min.
Country Canada
Language English

Dragons II: The Metal Ages is a 2005 television animated adventure film. It is a sequel to the 2004 film Dragons: Fire and Ice, and based on the Mega Bloks toyline.


Scylla, high priestess and queen of the Odaku army, appears writing strange symbols on the surface of a mountain, with her dragon, Slann, close by. She summons Shadow Dragons Gryndel and Daakon, the spirits of two evil dragons who were exiled from their world by its king. She offers to open a portal to the Dragon Realm if they aid her in battle against the Norvagen and Draigar.

Meanwhile, Prince Dev of the Norvagen and Princess Kyra of the Draigar lead a raiding party to take out an Odaku outpost, who have been increasing attacks against them. But as they enter the outpost, the sleeping soldiers result to be decoys, and the raiding party is ambushed. Trying to attack them is impossible for the Odaku wear armour that repels any form of attack and they are armed with explosive weapons. Worse, the Shadow Dragons arrive, and take the souls out of Targon and Aurora, the only dragons to remain behind when the others left so humans could guide their own paths. Seeing this, Dev becomes outraged and unleashes all of his fury on the Odaku. Meanwhile, Dev's father, leader of the Norvagen, and Kyra's father, leader of the Draigar, worry about their children, especially Dev, who has changed since his battle against the Ice Dragons. After the attack, Dev and Kyra regain consciousness and find the fallen Targon and Aurora. As their dragons perish, Dev realizes he is losing control of his emotions. A second fleet of Odaku soldiers arrive and Dev and Kyra are left defenseless. A stranger approaches them and offers to aid them, and Kyra eagerly follows him, along with Dev, who is hesitant about traveling with the stranger.

In the dragon world, King Thoron refuses to interfere in human affairs, which is why they left a second time. But when he hears about the Shadow Dragons, he decides to return and finds Targon and Aurora's bodies. Though the other dragons grieve, Thoron knows that when dragons are killed by Shadow Dragons, they create the cosmic opposite, Light Dragons.

The stranger leads Dev and Kyra through dark caves and tunnels using an orange dragon crystal. He explains that he is Gorhagar, an Odaku rebel that is heading for the Ramparts of Ryousan to find the load stone, a shard of Thoron's dragon crystal, which he will use to find the true king to the Odaku and end Scylla's rule. As they exit the caves, they are ambushed by Odaku warriors. Dev accuses Gorhagar of setting them up. In attempting to escape, the trio are separated. Kyra is brought Scylla and attempts to negotiate an alliance. But when Dev returns to rescue her, they discover Scylla conversing Stendhal, Thoron's enemy, who is imprisoned in Dragon World. They barely managed to escape with their lives before locating the ancient Odaku city, where Gorhagar, revealed to have survived, and a number of Odaku rebels, who are searching for the Load Stone.

While Dev and the rebels hold the line against Scylla's forces before the Norvagen and Draigar armies arrive to assist, Kyr and Gorhagar descend into the catacombs of the city, evading many deadly traps. At the last obstacle of the labyrinth, Odaku fires ruins read that only "The One" may pass while others perish. As Gorhagar revealed that the ancient Odaku king was his ancestor, Kyra realizes that he's the true heir to the Odaku and only he can reach the Load Stone. He succeeds and they return to the surface. In the battle up top, Dev's father is wounded by Slann, causing him to lose control of his emotions again. As Thoron and the Light Dragons join the battle, Kyra manages to help Dev let go of his rage before they go to help Targon and Aurora before destroying the Shadow Dragons. Scylla takes advantage of their distraction to steal the Load Stone, only to be repulsed by Gorhagar. He and his friends then summons the powers of wind, earth and fire to kill Scylla with molten lava. Gorhagar then presents the load stone to all Odaku, who bow before him as their new king and an end to all hostilities. Unbeknownst to everyone, Slann's dark spirit, slain by Thoron, secretly enters the portal into Dragon World.

As Targon and Aurora are light dragons, they cannot remain in the living. However, they have managed to procreate three new dragons for the three nations. Meanwhile, in Dragon World, Thoron confronts Stendhal and declares him forever banished from Dragon World while Slann, now a shadow dragon, watches from afar.

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