Draped Reclining Figure, 1952–53

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Draped Reclining Figure, 1952-53
Draped recling figure.JPG
Artist Henry Moore
Year 1952-6
Type Bronze
Dimensions (40 7/8 in × 66 5/8 in × 34 1/8 in)

Draped Reclining Figure, 1952–53 is a bronze sculpture by Henry Moore.[1][2]


The sculpture, catalogued as "LH 336", was cast in an edition of four (or "3+1"; one being retained by the artist); there is also a cast study for the work (LH 705) which is on display at Castleford Civic Centre and the Rozelle House Gallery in Ayr.[3] The artist's copy was given to the Henry Moore Foundation and is on display in their sculpture garden around his old house at Perry Green, Hertfordshire.[4] Other copies in the edition are in the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C.,[5][6] and the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany.[7]


The work was a precursor to later draped figures. According to the artist's foundation, it "successfully added the contours of natural forms as well as a distinct hint of classicism to the repose of his figures, yet preserved that sense of immutability conveyed by the Mexican Chacmool figures that had so profoundly influenced the younger artist."[8]


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