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Draper Richards is a private equity firm focused on venture capital investments in U.S. technology companies. The firm was founded in 1996 by Bill Draper an early venture capitalist, who had previously founded Sutter Hill Ventures in 1964 together with Robin Richards Donohoe. The firm invests principally on behalf of the Draper Richards Foundation, a non profit organization.

Draper has been a founding investor in such notable companies as Activision (acquired by Mediagenic), Apollo Computer (acquired by Hewlett Packard), Dionex, Hybritech (acquired by Eli Lilly and Company), Integrated Genetics (acquired by Genzyme), LSI Logic, Measurex, PowerReviews, Quantum, Qume (acquired by ITT Corporation) and Xidex (acquired by Eastman Kodak), among others.[1]

Draper Richards maintains an active philanthropic program through the "Draper Richards Kaplan Fellows" organization. The foundation is noted for providing early-stage grants to charity and community organizations, but demanding comprehensive business plans and other startup-like diligence and reporting.[2]

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