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Drax Group
Public (LSEDRX)
Industry Electrical power generation
Founded 2005
Headquarters Drax, North Yorkshire, England
Key people
Charles Berry, Chairman
Dorothy Thompson, Chief Executive
Tony Qunilan, Finance Director
Products Electrical power and byproducts of power product
Revenue £2,062.1 million (2013)[1]
£55.0 million (2013)[1]
£51.4 million (2013)[1]
Slogan "The Power to Provide"
Website www.draxgroup.plc.uk
Drax Power Station

Drax Group plc is a British electrical power generation company. The company's principal subsidiary is Drax Power Limited, owner of the Drax power station near Selby in North Yorkshire, the largest coal-fired power station in Western Europe which supplies about 7% of UK electrical consumption. The company is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.[2]


Drax power station was built in the 1970s by the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB). In the privatisation and breakup of the UK power industry it was transferred to privatised generating company National Power in 1990. National Power sold Drax power station in November 1999 to AES Corporation for £1.87 billion (US$3 billion).[citation needed]

The plant was troubled by the fall in wholesale energy prices and the collapse of TXU Europe into administration.[3] TXU had taken 60% of its output. AES abandoned the plant to its creditors in August 2003, leaving a total debt of around US$2 billion.[citation needed] BHP Billiton, International Power, RWE and E.ON were all touted as potential buyers, although all reported bids were for less than US$200 million. These offers were rejected, and the subsequent rise in energy prices meant that by late 2005 the plant's owners were receiving offers in the region of £2 billion. However, negotiations were not concluded successfully and, in September 2005, Drax Power Ltd announced that the latest bid to buy Drax had failed.[citation needed] On 15 December 2005 Drax Group plc floated its shares on the London Stock Exchange.[4]


The business of Drax Group is the sale of electricity to the wholesale market as well as the sale of products of power generation such as pulverised fuel ash. The Drax power station consists of 6 units of 660 MW each. Total capacity is around 4 GW which is equivalent to roughly 5% of total installed capacity in the UK. In 2009, the company produced 22.6 TWh of electricity or some 7% of all power production in the UK. Coal is the key fuel for the company and as of 2011 it burnt some 10 million tons of coal. Coal comes from domestic sources (5 million tons), with the remainder from overseas suppliers (US 2.5mt, Colombian 1.5mt, Russian 0.9mt).[5] Additionally the company used 1.3mt of biomass in 2011.

Carbon intensity[edit]

Year Production (TWh) Emission (Gt CO2) kg CO2/MWh
2002 19 16.35 840
2003 26 21.64 833
2004 25 20.52 838
2005 25 20.52 830
2006 27 22.76 840
2007 27 22.5 844
2008 27 22.3 818
2009 24 19.85 815
2010 26.4 N/A 784
2011 26.4 N/A 760


Drax now supplies electricity directly to the market through its subsidiary Haven Power,[6] which the company acquired in 2009. Haven supplied some 0.7 TWh in 2009 to small and medium sized enterprises. Haven will also target the industrial and commercial market for direct electricity sales.


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