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This article is about a fictional people in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series. For other uses, see Dream Hunter (disambiguation).

The Dream-Hunters are fictional characters from the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. They are children of the Greek gods of sleep. Some of the Dream-Hunters have human mothers, but most are born of the Greek goddess Mist. Dream-Hunters protect the humans, Apollites, and immortals while they sleep.

Dream-Hunters are also helpers to the Dark-Hunters and Were-Hunters when they need help from the gods or healing.


A very long time ago, one of the Oneroi played a trick on the Greek god Zeus. In anger, Zeus cursed all their kind to have no emotion whatsoever. Now the only time they can feel anything is when they are in a human's dream. Because of this, Oneroi can only visit dreams and they can never revisit the same human again. There are a few Dream-Hunters who prefer to stay out of dreams and only enter them to police the others.

When the Oneroi were cursed, Zeus tried to remove any sense of individuality they might have had. This is why all the Dream-Hunters names are taken based on the roles they serve in the dream realm.

The prefix to the Oneroi's names designates their role in the hierarchy:

  • M' - are the enforcers (they work as a police force) to keep them from going Skoti...and pass judgment on them if they break the rules. They are the leaders of the other Dream-Hunters.
  • V' - are the ones who help humans who are having trouble sleeping or who have nightmares.
  • D' - are the ones who help the gods and immortals (i.e. Dark-Hunters or Were-Hunters). These are the ones recruited the most to help new Dark-Hunters & free them from nightmares of their past lives & help smith their transition to their new immortal ones. They will usually stay with the same Dark-Hunter,once assigned to them, for their entire existence.


When a Dream-Hunter becomes captivated by a dreamer, and instigates the dreams and alter them to enhance their borrowed emotions. When this happens they are termed Skoti and now the enemy against the other Oneroi. Most Skoti are the sons of Phobetor, though on occasion others may join their ranks including the Oneroi and humans.

The Oneroi work to seek them out and punish them for their actions, however many Skoti go unchecked and uncaught. They inhabit dreams as incubi and succubi.

Known Dream-Hunters[edit]

There are many more Dream-Hunters than those listed below.




  • As revealed in Dream-Hunter and Upon the Midnight Clear by Sherrilyn Kenyon, the curse Zeus had placed on the Dream-Hunters was weakening.
  • As revealed in Dream-Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon, the curse that Zeus had placed on the Dream-Hunters was lifted and they are no longer banned from their emotions.

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