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DreamWorks Television
Industry Television production
Television syndication
Founded 1996
Headquarters United States
Owner(s) DreamWorks SKG

DreamWorks Television is a television distribution and production company that is a division of DreamWorks SKG, a former subsidiary of Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures. The syndication rights to DreamWorks' solo-produced live-action TV series are held by Disney–ABC Domestic Television. Due to the studio's current distribution deal with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.


DreamWorks Television was a production company was formed in 1996 by DreamWorks SKG, but DreamWorks formed its distribution arm, DreamWorks Television Distribution and its international arm DreamWorks Television International. Later, Paramount acquired distribution rights of live-action shows produced by DreamWorks Television, like Spin City. In 2006, Paramount acquired DreamWorks SKG, but DWTVD and DWTVI were folded into CBS Paramount Domestic Television and CBS Paramount International Television, respectively. In 2008, rights of live-action DreamWorks TV shows and live-action post-2010 movies transferred into Disney-ABC Television when DreamWorks split into separate companies.

TV shows[edit]

TV series produced by DWTV[edit]


Title Years Network Notes
Champs 1996 ABC
High Incident 1996–1997 ABC
Majority Rules 1996-1997 NBC
Spin City 1996-2002 ABC co-production with Ubu Productions
Ink 1996–1997 CBS
Arsenio 1997 ABC
Toonsylvania 1998 FOX
Invasion America 1998 The WB
Anna Says 1999
It's Like, You Know... 1999-2000 ABC
Freaks and Geeks 1999–2000 NBC


Title Years Network Notes
The Others 2000 NBC
Battery Park 2000 NBC
The Job 2001-2002 ABC co-production with Touchstone Television
Band of Brothers 2001 HBO miniseries; co-production with Playtone
Undeclared 2001–2002 FOX co-production with Apatow Productions
Off Centre 2001-2002 The WB
Boomtown 2002–2003 NBC co-production with Nemo Films, NBC Studios
Taken 2002 Syfy miniseries
Oliver Beene 2003-2004 FOX
Las Vegas 2003–2008 NBC co-production with NBC Studios, later NBC Universal Television Studio and later Universal Media Studios
Line of Fire 2003-2004 ABC
Rescue Me 2004–2011 FX with Sony Pictures Television
The Contender 2005–2008 NBC
Into the West 2005 TNT miniseries
Miracle Workers 2006 ABC
Dog Bites Man 2006 Comedy Central
On the Lot 2007 FOX in association with Amblin Entertainment and Mark Burnett Productions
Carpoolers 2007-2008 ABC in association with ABC Studios
United States of Tara 2009–2011 Showtime with Showtime Networks
Wedding Day 2009 TNT


Title Years Network Notes
The Pacific 2010 HBO miniseries; with Playtone
Falling Skies 2011-present TNT
Smash 2012-2013 NBC with Universal Television
The River 2012 ABC with Amblin Entertainment and ABC Studios
The Americans 2013-present FX with Fox Television Studios and FX Productions

TV specials produced by DWTV[edit]

TV specials produced by DreamWorks Television:

  • The Secret World of "Antz" (1998)
  • When You Believe: Music From "The Prince of Egypt" (1998)
  • The Hatching of "Chicken Run" (2000)
  • Gladiator Games: The Roman Bloodsport (2000)
  • We Stand Alone Together (2001)
  • What Lies Beneath: Constructing the Perfect Thriller (2001)
  • Woody Allen: A Life in Film (2002)

TV series produced by DreamWorks Animation SKG[edit]

These are TV series produced by DWA and distributed by DWTV around the world. Paramount Home Media Distribution and 20th Television distributes some animated TV series domestically.

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