Dream (chocolate)

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Product type Confectionery
Owner Cadbury
Introduced 2001 (Australia & New Zealand) 2002 (United Kingdom)
Related brands List of Cadbury products

Dream is a brand of white chocolate currently manufactured by Cadbury. It is similar to a Milkybar, which is made by Nestlé. Some of the difference between it and Milkybar is that "Dream" uses real cocoa butter, is slimmer then the Milkybar and also the Milkybar uses puffed rice.[1][dubious ] It was first launched in Australia and New Zealand in 2001. According to Cadbury, the product became one of the top five block chocolate brands in New Zealand and had driven growth in the overall chocolate market.[2] In 2002, the product was launched in the United Kingdom and Canada and was featured in the credits for Coronation Street.[3] The bar is currently manufactured by Cadbury France for Cadbury UK.

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